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The Reduced Shakespeare Company

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The finest comedic work since the last Canadian federal election, we actually bought this CD several years ago and then managed to lose it behind a great many other discs. This is clearly a shame – Shakespeare has never been presented quite like this. Three versatile thespians perform all of Shakespeare’s works – including the sonnets – in about an hour and a half. A few details are omitted. Minor liberties are taken. Serious Shakespearians might take offense at Titus Andronicus being turned into a cooking show. Hamlet done backwards is arguably a bit questionable. The death scene in Romeo and Juliette is… actually, it would be criminal to spoil it.

The only other thing I’ll say about this DVD is that it has an intermission part way through, and it’s a damned fine thing, too, as it will give your face a chance to stop aching. If you only plan to buy one DVD this year, here’s the one.

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