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Babylon 5: The Lost Tales

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If you spent five years at the dawn of the third age of mankind – or better still, watched the original five year arc of Babylon 5 on DVD – you’ll probably enjoy Babylon 5: The Lost Tales. A curious little production, it does almost nothing but it does it very well.

The CGI in Babylon 5: The Lost Tales is breathtaking – it’s improved considerably over the then state of the art that graced the original Babylon 5 episodes. The dialog is witty and arguably worth the price of admission all by itself. The opportunity to spend an evening with three unforgettable characters from the original series is a treat.

Sadly, The Lost Tales is a bit thin on content. It consists of two stories that probably would have represented middling television episode plot lines, but very little happens save for the characters in question talking.

If these were the commencement of a new story arc, they’d be tantalizing. As a stand-alone movie, they’re a mild disappointment.

With much of science fiction on television and at the flicks having deteriorated to the level of the video games and comic books it’s usually based on, even less-than-exceptional Babylon 5 is enjoyable. Once can’t help watching Babylon 5: The Lost Tales, however, and thinking that it could have been much more than it is.